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The Adventures of Nero

Nero was born in May 2020 and found abandoned and alone.  He was born with severe Cerebellar Hypoplasia (CH) and his front paws were already showing signs of inward atrophy.  At 6 months old, it was not looking good for him to be adopted, so Tail To Paw stepped forward and brought him home.  


We had already had experience with mild CH cats and we knew how loving and incredible they are.  We did not even blink at the thought of how complicated care would be. He was a kitten, needing a home, and needed to live.  

Nero can army crawl, he can flip, and he can most definitely vocalize his needs.  He is smart and loving and an all around amazing cat.  He uses pee-pads for all his 'needs' and he will tell you when he has to go.  He has fewer accidents than any other cats we have had.  He will also let you know when he wants to eat or wants water.  He is able to play and get around on flat surfaces, and he enjoys spending time with our other cats and dog.  


Mostly, he enjoys spending time with us.  His first night home, he nestled into my arms and looked at me as if to say 'thank you'.  Being a disabled cat does not mean euthanasia or being discarded.  It may mean extra care, extra equipment in the home, extra time spent to care for them.  But the reward is the extra love they give back to you.  There is nothing like cuddling a CH cat who knows you saved their life. 

Never pass up a disabled cat - we call them Handi-cats, and you can live an adventure with them. 

Nero attends events to educate everyone about Cerebellar Hypoplasia, the importance of vaccinations and proper animal care and that disabled animals should be embraced and loved just as every other animal. 

Handi-cats, live an adventure!

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