About Us

Tail to Paw is an all volunteer organization started out of a pure and unconditional love for animals and their people.  It is our firm belief that no one should ever be denied the opportunity to experience and live with the love a companion animal provides due to their level of poverty, type of housing or physical or mental health.

Our goal is to be able to provide food, supplies (litter, leashes, bowls, etc.), medicine (flea/tick, supplements, etc.), medical assistance and educational support to households living in low-income or who are experiencing temporary hardship so that they do not have to give up their pets to a shelter.

We provide education regarding vaccinations, pet nutrition, behavior, working with landlords and spaying/neutering in the effort to ensure that more pets are able to stay at home with their families.


Bobbi Jo is the force behind Tail to Paw.  She is a lifelong animal lover and is currently mom to Buster, Tala, Asland, Aurora, Smudge, Benji, Ash, Stardust, Stitch, Mystique, Leeloo, Smoke, Pyro, Groot and Aspen as well as her human child Kate.  She holds her Masters in Public Health and works to end homelessness among individuals and families.

Bobbi Jo Evans
Co- Founder
Animal Welfare Coordinator
Kate Williams

Kate has been around animals since she was born and has always shown a love for them.  She has been actively volunteering with animal rescues since 2011.  Kate is studying to be an Athletic Trainer and has been coaching and referring basketball.

Volunteer Coordinator

Mikey has had a passion for animals his whole life. He's grown up with all sorts of pets, loving and caring for every animal he comes across. His goal is to work with animals as a profession in the near future. He is currently pet dad to Frankie, Timon, and Deva.

Secretary / Adoption Coordinator
Jeff Evans

Board Of Directors

June 2022 to June 2024
Board President
Silvia Moscariello
Board Vice President
Tristan Kiekel

From a young age, Tristan was instilled with a deep love of animals. This love followed her into adulthood where she currently serves as a police officer and dedicates her life to people and animals in need.

Board Secretary
Tammy Eaton
Board Treasurer
Board Member
Linda Cline

LInda has been an animal lover since the day she was born.  From birds to squirrels and cats to dogs, there is nothing she wouldn't do to help an animal.  She is the mom of Phantom, Nina and Toby, Church, Regina and Hope.  She holds a Bachelors in Mental Health in Criminal Justice and assists individuals with mental illness to obtain and maintain employment in their communities.