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Tails of Hope (Testimonials)

Hi Bobbi Jo,


Just wanted to say thanks again for all of your help. You and Kate are the best. 


Be well,

Mike & Rocket :)


Thank you for all that you did for Rocca and for me.  Without your support, it would have been tough to get through these times and move forward.



Hi Bobbi Jo and Kate,


Boardwalk Empire and Little Girl thank you so very much for all the food and for making sure that Boardwalk is healthy with the vet visits.

- Cat mom


You help heal the wounds of many who feel the pain and suffering of the loss of a loved one, also feeling the pain of lack of care for the ones that matter for mankind.

We need more people who are in touch with nature. 

It's a give never to be taken for granted. Thanks so much again.

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