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Tails of Hope (Testimonials)

Hi Bobbi Jo,

Just wanted to say thanks again for all of your help. You and Kate are the best. 

Be well,

Mike & Rocket :)


Thank you for all that you did for Rocca and for me.  Without your support, it would have been tough to get through these times and move forward.


My family and myself (both human and feline alike) are forever grateful to the Tail To Paw Animal Support team! They offered assistance, and mostly importantly, hope when my family needed it the most. Bobbi Jo and Kate were beyond kind and sympathetic to Titus' condition. They were there in the face of my family's hardship when no one else was and I just cannot thank them enough for all that they have done for us. Titus and his family send their deepest thanks and well wishes for all the pets that have had, or have yet to have, their lives changed by the Tail To Paw Animal Support team!!!  Seizure free now for a year and looking forward to many, many more healthy years to come!! 🐱🐾❤️


Hi Bobbi Jo and Kate,

Boardwalk Empire and Little Girl thank you so very much for all the food and for making sure that Boardwalk is healthy with the vet visits.

- Cat mom

A testameownial by Teddy:

My Momma asked me what I thought about the TAIL TO PAW ladies who buy things for me and send "kitty mail" to momma for me.

My name's Teddy, I am 12 years old and a handsome grey man cat (momma said so!). A few years ago momma took me to the vet (the white coat lady who makes sure I'm healthy) cause her was worried about me going potty and drinking a lot. The vet poked me, checked me and took some stuff for a place called " The Lab" and told momma I have diabetes.

The vet lady talked about insulin and food and taught momma how  to take stuff from my ears and to use a little machine check my "sugar" levels. I don't like that part. Momma tells me it helps her tell the vet lady how my body is doing. I have to have shots with my breakfast and supper. Momma calls this "the pokie part" and says the medicine inside helps my body eat my food. Can't she tell I eat with my mouth? I don't mind them anymore. I really like my noms!

Now, my momma is a stay at home people. She works on being healthy but needs help to live by herself and take care of me and my furblings. I have a "Sisfur" named Harry. Her a Maine Coon and she just had a birthday, now her 14. I have a "Brofur" that has the same kitty mommy as me. Him 12 too. Then there is "The Baby" him 10 but him was a kitten when him come home with momma.

The Tail to Paw ladies helps my momma a lot. They help her with  the "I'm a diabetic kitty" food. They help with syringes that momma calls "poke a hiney" sticks for my insulin. They even helped for Harry to go see the vet and have some of her  stuff sent to "The Lab". I love when  the "kitty mail" comes because I really like the boxes!

Tail to Paw is pawsome! Momma says they help her be able to take good care of us.

Thank Mew!

Mary, Harry, Teddy, Izzy and Norm


You help heal the wounds of many who feel the pain and suffering of the loss of a loved one, also feeling the pain of lack of care for the ones that matter for mankind.

We need more people who are in touch with nature. 

It's a give never to be taken for granted. Thanks so much again.

Hi my name is Colleen and Tail to Paw Animal Support  is an amazing organization. I got my 3 kitties from them. All vaccinated, chipped and neutered. Now their main mission is to make sure owners can support their pets and keep them in their homes. My husband recently had health issues and had to take a job position that meant less money. Not something we expected. I called Tail to Paws as 2 of the cats were due for their yearly checks. One of the cats has a knee problem he got while playing with his fur siblings so it’s a must we keep tabs in it. Bobbi Jo didn’t hesitate to pay the bill for my babies. I’m so grateful. The work Tail to Paw does is amazing and I’m happy to support them when I can. And will continue to do so in the future.


Hello my name is Maria Solomon I am a resident of New Haven, Connecticut for 43 years. Throughout my lifetime as an adult/ mother of 3 sons. I have not yet seen nor heard of a effective program that assist people as myself with their cats and animals. With that said Tail To Paw has been more than generous to my cat and family. Even at the less of funding being available Bobbi and Kate made sure Charlie was blessed and without food and cat litter. In 2020 I wasn't sure how Charlie was going to get his vaccines, healthy food and quality litter as I thrive to support myself and my children. I reached out to Tail To Paw and they responded gracefully. Since then they have been supporting us. It has been amazing blessing. I hope they can get the support they need to continue with support us. We need their help support. Charlie was introduced to healthier food and snacks and he was blessed with a much bigger supportive carrier as well.. All thanks to Tail To Paw 🐾 ❤️ 


With much gratitude and appreciation, 

Charlie, Maria, Angelo, Tyrek & Malachi

The amazing ladies at Tail To Paw are more like family than simply a nonprofit. They've been there for my crew of 3 kitties and dog for years now. Rogie, my urinary compromised tripod, depended on help from TTP for his crazy expensive prescription food for longer than I care to admit because I couldn't work. They saw us through during every single vet appointment, surgery, nd follow up appointment, checking in in the middle of the night sometimes to make sure we were ok. They saw us through Rosie's stroke and physical therapy as well as acupuncture. They were there when we adopted Pebbles into the menagerie. They've helped us when we began our unexpected journey into fostering after someone dumped a kitty outside our house. They've cried and cheered with us. Even now that we're hundreds of miles away, we still talk and share updates. We LOVE Kate and Bobbi Jo to bits. Couldn't ask for a better pair to be running a MUCH needed rescue program.


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