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Please Note:  We are not a rescue or shelter and do not take in animals or have any to adopt.  Thank you!

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Tail to Paw ensures every pet owner has the tools they need to care for their pet.

Welcome to Tail to Paw!

We serve the Greater New Haven, Shoreline, and Lower Naurgatuck Valley communities of Connecticut.


We are volunteer run and 100% of proceeds go towards fulfilling our nonprofit's mission.

Tail to Paw Animal Support is a registered 501(c)(3).  

Any donations made to our charity are tax deductible and will be used to ensure the care for any cats currently with us and supplies/funding for our current programs.

Do you have a talent you would like to share? Do you enjoy fundraising or grant writing?  Are you great at making new friends and speaking in public?

If so, we could use you! Please visit the Volunteer page to connect with us.

What We Do

Tail To Paw Animal Support works to ensure no owner has to abandon their companion animal due to their poverty level or housing status. We are Not a shelter,  but rather we provide assistance with food, supplies and basic medical visits and vaccinations. We offer support through education, resources, referrals and case management so that  
no animal is left behind and no human is left alone.

Our Story


     Smudge wandered out of his home and was lost for a week from his former owner.  During that time, a group of kids set an oil fire and threw Smudge into it, causing permanent damage to his back paws and singeing his fur from the tip of his tail to the tip of his paws.

     He underwent months of treatment and TLC at his home with his owner who was aided by the CEO/Founder of Tail To Paw.  Upon his owners death, Smudge became a Forever Cat with Tail To Paw with a promise to continue his care and love.
     Smudge needs daily medication, quarterly injections, special diet food for his colon disease and proper grooming and care of his back paws.  

    He is the reason Tail To Paw Animal Support is what it is today.

On 6/12/23, Smudge crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  He was riddled with Cancer and was at the point of suffering.  

Smudge will always be the reason for Tail To Paw and his legacy will remain in all that we do.



Drawing by Happy Pawtraits on Etsy

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